Every child at Barmera Primary School has individual learning goals for literacy and numeracy. These are created through teacher and student conversations to ensure teachers tailor their teaching to target specific learning needs of all students and provide opportunities for extension as required. Our collaborative approach to delivering an extensive curriculum, under pinned by evidence based strategies ensures every student reaches their potential. Intense focus on reading and number supports our Site Improvement Plan, ensuring students are engaged in these lessons daily.

Students are engaged in daily literacy sessions across the school to ensure learning is uninterrupted. Junior primary students are provided with a solid foundation to literacy with the deliberate use of evidence based programs such as InitiaLit. This consistent and targeted approach across all junior primary classes, along with targeted intervention for individuals and use of programs such as Reading Eggs, has resulted in our school achieving the highest reading results in the Riverland region. As students progress through year levels, we develop and extend their literacy skills by exposing them to a range of resources and texts to support them to become confident and involved learners. Throughout learning tasks, students are assessed in a variety of ways and the incorporation of a digital program (Essential Assessment), ensures students are assessed and graded accurately against the Australian Curriculum.

We have an onsite Library from which children may borrow books to take home . They can change books as often as they like, but can keep a book for up to two weeks at a time. We encourage and promote reading at home as part of our literacy program.