A Message from our Principal


A very warm welcome to Barmera Primary School

Choosing a school is a very important family decision and we understand that it can be a daunting one. The Leadership Team here at Barmera Primary School consists of the Curriculum Coordinator Sheree Smart, Wellbeing Leader Tegan Moldovan and myself – Jayne Foulds, Principal. The three of us are here to help you with your choice by sharing with you what we have to offer so that you can make an informed decision. Families are welcome to book an informal chat, which we can have while we tour our beautiful grounds. We hope that this will arm families with the knowledge they need to decide whether Barmera Primary is the best fit for their family.

We have an intense daily focus on reading and numeracy programs which have led to our students achieving top results across the Riverland region. We cater for every individual child in all areas of their learning. Each child in our school has an individual learning plan—with reading and numeracy goals that children work through at their own pace. These are constantly revised and updated so each child continually moves forward with their learning. As you would have seen in our staff photos, in conjunction with our dedicated teaching staff, we also have many talented school support officers who work alongside our teachers to support all children in the classroom.

Barmera Primary currently has an enrolment of 136 students. We are situated on approximately 22 acres of land, encompassing large areas of native bush land. We have numerous playgrounds, full sized grass oval, asphalt basketball and tennis courts, scrub play areas, vegetable patches, chicken coop and a pottery shed. The school’s internal spaces are equally as vast; open plan, double spaced classrooms, indoor gymnasium, dedicated playgroup and OSHC buildings and a library. Our students are fortunate to have such a variety of spaces to run, explore, create, rest and relax in.

Student wellbeing is prioritised at Barmera Primary School. Our Wellbeing Leader, Pastoral Care Worker and Aboriginal Education Teacher are a strong team that work together to provide support and activities to ensure the wellbeing of our students.

We understand how difficult it can be to juggle work, home and appointments and we are lucky enough to have an OSHC on site run by Happy Haven. Children can walk straight to the dedicated OSHC room from their classroom at the end of the day.

Barmera Primary School is a warm, friendly and welcoming learning community which is achieving high literacy and numeracy results and we look forward to meeting you and showing you all the wonderful things we have to offer your family.

Warm regards

Jayne Foulds